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Mobile Recruitment For The Construction Sector

Article Written By: Recruit Me

Simplified job applications are now available on mobile, which means they can be used anywhere, from the comfort of your home to job fairs. However, while many apps are suitable for most major mobile phone brands, some can only be used with specific smart phones.

How technology can spur construction

When it comes to a construction recruitment app, this should give employers access to the profiles of job seekers whose skills match their project requirements, and enable both employers and employees to exchange messages and files, and connect directly. Third-party recruiters often misunderstand the construction project and the staff qualifications, experience and other requirements that can turn it into a success; that is why direct recruitment enables employers to hire the right people for their business or project. It is also more affordable than traditional recruitment agencies, less stressful and enables construction work to begin or continue sooner.

Since temporary jobs are the answer for seasonal work or for more staff on a large-scale construction project, workers can get jobs via the mobile app in two ways, namely they can put up and update their profiles, and apply for the jobs listed, or wait for a prospective employee to find and contact them directly with a job offer. Obviously, just like with a face to face interview, job seekers have the possibility of negotiating or declining any offers that are below their wage requirements, for instance. On the other hand, those who do get hired part time can become full time employees if they are skilled enough.

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