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Is My Carpet Really Shrinking?

After several cleaning routines you notice the carpet seems to be shrinking. Is that even possible? Well, it is, even if no one wants to think his or her expensive, fluffy carpet is shrinking. The problem usually comes from a faulty cleaning process, conducted by either the homeowner or an inexperienced cleaner.

Check the fabrics

Before you start worrying for your carpet, you need to know there are two types of carpets which can really shrink. Sheffield carpet cleaners call them Axminsters and Belgian Wiltons. Axminsters are made from wool on their face, the one you walk on, while the back is made of jute. Shrinking such carpet is not easy – luckily for you! - and usually happens when the jute becomes wet.

Not all Wilton carpets can shrink; only those made of polypropylene fibre on the face. The polypropylene can't retain moisture, so all the water content reaches the jute backing, which shrinks.

Poor cleaning can shrink the carpet

The main reason carpets shrink is poor cleaning, thus is critical to hire only the best professionals to clean your carpet. Sheffield carpet cleaners advice you to talk with the cleaner and ask him about the procedure he is going to use to clean the carpet. Also ask about the machine he is going to use – professional carpet cleaning companies usually use large machines, which have enough power to extract all the water from the carpet when the cleaning is done.

The level of experience the cleaner has is also important, as bad technique is just as damaging as bad tools.

A reliable cleaning company is going to check your carpets before cleaning them and will go that extra mile to make sure they will not damage the carpet. If something bad does happen, they should provide insurance and you should be able to contact them easily.

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