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How Truck Dispatchers Can Work More Effectively

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Dispatching companies typically work with trucking companies and with owner operators (drivers who own and operate their own truck). If you are or consider becoming an independent dispatcher, arrange with each driver the method of payment and the type of contract both of you will sign; this can be load-to-load or long-term (less often).

Maximize your work payoff

In the trucking dispatch business, working efficiently means more money, so prepare for the unexpected, such as when a truck breaks down suddenly. Especially if you are an independent dispatcher, be available to provide assistance at all times during work hours, including on weekends. You can also strive to make the most out of each delivery; for example, once a driver reaches the location you agreed upon with the client, ideally you should be able to find a backhaul load, based on the destination and the time it takes to unload.

There is a variety of dispatch software available to assist trucking dispatchers (owners and drivers as well); depending on the software you use, you may be able to monitor the location of each of your drivers via GPS. Note that some applications may cost an individual driver more than if he hired the services of a professional dispatcher, but for dispatchers dealing with many different drivers the software is generally worth the money. The app enables them to set up accounts for each driver and client, paying special attention to the regular clients. From then on, it is easy to enter the assigned load and estimated arrival time for each driver.

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