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Get To Know About The Secrets Of Cinematography

When you are watching a movie, have you ever wondered how are some shots taken? Things like camera’s angle, height, position can make a great contribution to a scene more than you think. The way a scene is presented on screen is highly influenced by the above mentioned factors.


When we pay more attention to these factors, we come to know that it is not easy to place the camera at few angles to get the perfect shot. That is when the grips equipment came into existence. This equipment helps in supporting the camera at the desired position and angle, while they are operated by key grip. These equipments should be handled carefully as they are delicate and at the same time heavy to be able to support the weight of camera.



Equipment to suit every scene


There are different kinds of equipments to suit the needs, for example, cranes, vehicles, dollies, tracks, adaptors, carts, trolleys, ropes, pulleys, tripods, ladders and other climbing equipment.  Each of this equipment has a specific purpose. For instance, camera dolly is equipment designed to shoot scenes with ease. The camera is usually mounted on a track to ensure free and flowing movement. It can also be mounted on any platform other than a track. The cranes, ladders and other vehicles mentioned above are also used in the same way to make sure that the camera is positioned perfectly.


So, this equipment is extremely useful to the crew. It is not necessary that you will need all the equipment at the same time but few are mandatory. It is a good choice to rent the equipment rather than purchasing it as you won’t need everything all the time.


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