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E-Safety Terms Debunked – What Lies Behind The Acronyms

You know what IT means, but when it comes to MAC, RBAC and ACL, you're completely ignorant? There are many acronyms out there, especially in the e-safety market, but you do need to stay updated with them and what they really stand for, so let's look behind the capital letters.

Discretionary Access Control - DAC

There are many forms of access control in Hertfordshire and around the world, ranging from your mail account to complex biometric scanners which allow (or deny) the access to people in high-level buildings, such as the Pentagon, for example. One of those systems is the discretionary access control, which allows the owner of a certain resource to provide access to other people to that resource at his own discretion. Here we find another acronym, the ACL – access control lists, which specifies who can access the resource.

Mandatory access control – MAC

A mandatory access model is more complex than DAC and the owner doesn't have control over who can access the resources. Within this model of access control in Hertfordshire the operating system decides who can access the resource and each user is assigned a security label. This label and the rules on who can access resources establish if the user can access a resource. The rules are established by the security officer, configured by the administrator and enforced by the OS.

Role Based Access Control - RBAC

This is the model used by most businesses nowadays and it's illustrated by Facebook pages, where the administrator can assign pre-defined roles to page users. The user doesn't have any control over the role he or she receives. For example, an editor can only post new articles on a platform, while PR officers can modify these articles.

Before you pick one of these access control systems for your company, you need to establish how effective each system is for your company, based on the number of users, security policy and other specific factors.

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