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Don’t Let The Thread Veins Make Your Legs Unappealing

Article Written By: The Vein Clinic Ni

When the hot season comes, we take out of the closet the shorts and the miniskirts and we let our legs tan under the hot sun. However, if you are suffering from thread veins you are dreading this moment, because probably you are feeling ashamed of your legs. This condition is very unappealing and often it determines embarrassment and depression.

But why do you have thread veins?

The thread veins are enlarged superficial veins and they are called spider veins as well, because they look like the spider web on the surface of the skin. They aren’t broken, they are just enlarged and this is the reason why they are so visible on the skin. The reason why we get them is typically the age and they are most common in women. However, you can have them even if you are 20 and it is best to treat them at the beginning, rather than later, because as they grow, it is harder to cure them.

How can you treat thread veins in Belfast?

There are a few treatment options and the most popular of them are the laser therapy and the sclerotherapy. The type of therapy you need should be chosen together with your doctor and it will depend on the dimension and depth of your thread veins. The treatments aren’t painful, because local anesthetic is used. After the treatment, there won’t be scars, but for the first days your skin may look worse than before and some bruises can appear as well. However, when it will start to heal, the improvement will be visible. 

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