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Compliment the Decor of Your House With Matching Metal Plates

When you talk about home decoration, you should note each and everything which is in the house. It includes electric light switches also. There is a wide range of electric light switches of different designs and colors which can be matched with the interiors of your house. Trendy light switches are stylish and safe. Chrome light switches are modern and latest types of light switches. These have gaskets installed in them, which prevent the moisture from entering in the switch plate.

Select the better between metallic and plastic switch plate

All the light switch plates come with stylish covers for styling and safety purpose. But the metal plate sockets have many advantages over the plastic one.

  • The metallic switch plates do not get cracked while the plastic switch plate gets cracked over a period of time.
  • They are less exposed to the internal wiring. Hence, they are safe and shock resistant.
  • Metal switch plates can be easily matched with all types of house designs.
  • If you notice, the metal plates of the same manufacturer is available in same color so in case you want to install new switch plate you can get the match with other switch plates installed at your home.
  • Metallic switch plates are often available in a wide range of sizes and configuration. Plastic metal plates are available in limited sizes.
  • Metal switch plate can be custom made according to your requirement.
  •  It can easily be painted and primed to match with your walls.
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