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Always Use SPF Before Applying Foundation

Makeup that is inexpensive is not necessarily of poor quality. You can buy designer items at affordable prices if you take advantage of regular online sales.

Skin essentials

Cheap makeup products with SPF are great for preserving your natural beauty and, more importantly, the health of your skin. Early winter is the right time to purchase quality sun creams and lotions with high SPF that can be rather expensive once summer has begun. You can use sun screen as your makeup base; alternatively, you can also get foundation with SPF, but this is not usually as effective as a sun lotion for the face.

Use foundation that not only brightens your complexion or has whitening action, but is also moisturizing and contains collagen and vitamins E and C, so that you can properly care for your skin at the same time. Seamless coverage can be achieved via any of the various shades, from very light or ivory, to nude, to honey and dark beige. You can replace creamy foundations with talc-free powders; whichever you prefer, it is best to use a makeup formula that was designed to be as light as possible, and is suitable to be applied even on the most sensitive of skins.

A mini kit is another way to save money on your purchases while getting everything your complexion needs. A typical kit for under £15 includes a face and an eye primer, plus mascara for full lashes; their compact size makes very easy carrying these products everywhere you need them.

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