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Affordable Options For New Catering Equipment

Setting up a cafe or restaurant, or any other type of commercial kitchen for that matter, comes with high costs. You will have to invest your capital wisely on renting the premises, purchasing ingredients, and buying the right catering equipment.

Equipment financing and leasing

The latest catering supplies can render your business more productive, but they are expensive. Therefore, aside from browsing offers for new catering equipment for sale, you have two other options, namely to either finance or lease your catering equipment.

Financing applies to both new and used supplies, as well as both established and start-up businesses. Regardless if you choose a bank or a broker, look for low finance rates and speedy release of funding. It is also important that you can agree on a flexible payment schedule, with a monthly, seasonal or deferred payment interval (financing terms typically range from 30 to 90 days).

Get an estimate or, if you would like a more specific quote, you can go straight ahead and fill in an application form online; you will then get an offer. If you agree with the terms and conditions therein, the broker or bank will send you the documents electronically; once you sign them, you will be able to get your financing.

However, if you cannot afford the full price of new supplies, leasing your equipment is one way to update your technology regularly while cutting down on acquisition costs. You can apply for a lower lease payment; once the agreed term ends, you can either purchase the equipment or return it.

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